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Kravitz Deli

Kravitz Deli was established in 1939 by founder Rose Kravitz on the Northside of Youngstown, Ohio. Post-Depression, In 1970, with the population shifting towards suburban living, they relocated to the current location (3135 Belmont Ave. Liberty, Ohio) to better suit the needs of their customers . It was here that the business evolved into a restaurant and bakery. Now run by Rose's son, Jack, Kravitz Deli is the oldest deli in the Youngstown area offering Jewish, Mediterranean, and Vegetarian dishes.

LIBERTY: Mon-Fri 9:00am - 7pm • Sat 9:00 - 5pm • Sun 9am -3pm
POLAND: Mon-Fri 10:00am- 7pm • Sat 10:00am - 3:00pm • Sun Closed

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